We are New York City's Original Street Art Walking Tour Company

Why are you called "Saddleshoe" tours? We get that question a lot… Here's the answer: our street art tours are about discovery, walking and learning. Saddle shoes are our walking shoe of choice and our guides rock them with bright colored laces. We think we’re too cool to walk the streets of New York holding an umbrella in the air. If you fall behind on one of our tours, look down and scan the shoes and you’re sure to spot us! Saddle shoes are also reminiscent of being in elementary school, learning and exploring. We do a lot of that. We bring discovery to novices while delighting street art enthusiasts with stories about the works and artists behind them.  Our tours are designed for New Yorker's and tourists alike.  Locals tend to walk away with a new perspective on their hometown.  Tourists often say that our tours were the best part of their trip to the city.

"I have lived in Chelsea since 1996 and it felt like I was seeing my neighborhood for the first time!" -  CG3938 from NYC via Trip Advisor

"We did several walking tours and even a subway tour and this one was by far the best tour of our trip! "-JOBR69 from Canada via Trip Advisor

"I recommend this tour now as "day one" for anyone visiting NYC. You'll look at things in a totally different way." -Tobias from NYC via Trip Advisor

" We have been on very good street art tours in London and Melbourne and this one lived up to (if not surpassed) our expectations." -NEE from Hong Kong via Trip Advisor

"The tours open up a whole new way of looking at art, city life, and the changing scenes of Manhattan. The guides are very knowledgeable and friendly and definitely know their "stuff." -Mary from New York via Trip Advisor

"We have talked nonstop to friends and family about what a great trip we had to NYC, and how much of a highlight this tour is for us. I keep using the word magical to describe it" - Alaska2008 from Minneapolis via Trip Advisor

We offer three street art tour routes:  two in NYC and one in Brooklyn.  Check out our tours page to learn more.